Seminars, Workshops and Trainings

We share the best practices in the area of technical software which we consolidated in our work and research over the years: Passing on our expertise via seminars, workshops and trainings is part of our agenda!

We currently offer seminars within the following fields of expertise:

Usability and User Experience in Technical Software
How to combine both outstanding usability and appealing design in one solution? Which tools, procedures and technologies guarantee an excellent user experience? These are just some of the questions which we discuss in this 4-hour seminar. The theoretical foundation for this seminar is based on research in the field of user experience design, combined with hands-on best practices. Via live demos of existing applications we explain how user experience design can best be applied on a developer’s daily work routine. 

C++ Qt with QML: Foundations
This training gives an overview on developing solutions based on C++ Qt with QML. It supports the development of latest software applications by taking advantage of these technologies. Learn more about an efficient model view architecture within GUI applications, stylesheets, declarative GUI elements and OpenGL support for graphic user interfaces. The complete training consists of up to eight entities which can be specifically tailored to your particular needs.

Qt vs. HTML5 for Touch Screens: Choosing the Right Technology
Which is the best technology for developing an embedded UI? Throughout this workshop we compare both technologies from a developer’s point of view. By using examples from best practice we look at the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. 

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