Embedded Linux & Realtime

Profit from our expertise on embedded Linux, CAN-BUS and open source. Together with our hardware partners we offer high-performance solutions according to your needs.

Embedded Linux
Today, embedded Linux is extensively used in industrial applications of all kinds. Throughout our projects we share our extensive knowledge of embedded Linux (POSIX standards and others) with clients.

Yocto, OpenEmbedded & Buildroot: Create your own Linux distributions
Customer-specific Linux configurations are incorporated in embedded solutions with Linux on a regular basis. The build system Yocto offers the possibility to carry out these configuration systematically. As system integrators we can efficiently incorporate this technology into your solution.

CAN-Bus, Ethernet, RS232, Bluetooth
Creating interfaces for data transfer into other systems is one of our strengths: This way a smooth and uninterrupted communication with customer-specific protocols is guaranteed. Get in touch for additional advice on CAN-Bus, Ethernet, RS232 and Bluetooth.

Open source in technical software
LGPL, GPL, free software, digital rights management with regard to projects executed in open source: A profound technical know-how and detailed knowledge of legal issues is key. Benefit from our vast experience in open source software projects in the areas of industrial applications and software for machinery and tools!

Automatised software tests
Gain clarity and reassurance right at the beginning: Via automatised test runs it is possible to receive valuable information with regard to the efficiency and capability of future software solutions for economic and high-performing end results. Unit tests, system tests, GUI tests: There is high potential for automatisation on all levels. In addition, connecting new solutions with existing build or reporting systems is key: Store all important information and testing results within one central software system, to guarantee perfect presentations and evaluations in realtime.

The sequality Hardware Demonstration Lab
Drop by the sequality headquarters in Hagenberg and get an overview on the latest and most innovative embedded hardware solutions in the sequality Hardware Demonstration Lab. Test and evaluate the newest tools and devices of various brands in one go. The sequality Hardware Demonstration Lab supports you with your decision-making process. Contact us at for a detailed overview of current available embedded linux boards and further detailed information!

Examples for Projects

Communication protocol for railway signal facilities of highest security levels
Technology: C, Arm Cortex R4F, realtime operating system
A secure data transfer of railway signals completely without errors was the highest priority in this project. Automatised mathematical security procedures guaranteed a correct and authentic data transfer within previously defined timeframes.

CAN-BUS signals distributed via TCP/IP including a database
Technology: C++/Qt, Arm9
The CAN-Bus communication is automatically analysed and transferred into an embedded data base in realtime. This data base is the basis for the complete distributed access via network.

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