IOT Systems in the Cloud

Whether remote maintenance, sensor data evaluation or the implementation of dashboards or apps for embedded systems - bringing IOT systems safely and efficiently into the cloud is the prerequisite for seamless access regardless of the location of the devices.

The right infrastructure: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or self-hosted ?
How do you provide a flexible server infrastructure for your own product that best suits the software requirements? In recent years, the offers of the established large cloud providers with flexible functions have particularly scored points here. Together with you, we set up the right infrastructure and implement the software components for use in your product!

The right protocol: MQTT, OpenVPN or Websockets?
The focus here is on the efficient and secure transmission of data in the cloud. Depending on the protocol, there are different application options. We advise you which connection is best suited for your scenario!

Monitoring and surveillance
Are all IOT devices functional? Are there any signs of failure? How was the product used by the customer? These questions can be answered with intuitive monitoring systems and dashboards. In addition, there is also a view of the current resource consumption of the device, insight into current log files and the option of installing software updates over-the-air.

Sequality HTML5 Embedded System Monitor
Take a look at our Sequality-embedded-system Monitor and ask us, how we solved the challenges there!

IOT systems with Sequality: This is how you can efficiently bring your product to the cloud!