Case Study HTML5 vs. Qt

Creating innovative solutions together: When several Sequality customers requested advice on which technology would be the best for implementing software into an embedded hardware, Sequality developed a software demo comparing the technologies of Qt and HTML5.

The one-to-one comparison of the two applications gives a direct overview on the advantages and disadvantages with regard to the two technologies. In addition, it facilitates extracting valuable information on development, performance and sustainability of solutions based on Qt and HTML5.

Project Details
To provide the most objective advice possible to our clients, we asked one of our developers to create a demo version of the same embedded system with Qt and HTML5 within a timeframe of 160 working hours each. The demos were created independently and without receiving any input from suppliers.


  • Qt / QML
  • HTML5, AngularJS


Project Features
Focusing on our clients’ particular demands is our highest priority: The idea for the creation of the two demo versions was initiated by our customers’ requests. The innovative comparison of the two technologies has, however, caught the interest of the suppliers too: Sequality was invited by The Qt Company to share the results of the demo comparison on their blog. In addition, we published a comprehensive white paper on HTML5 vs. Qt. Contact us at to obtain your free version of our white paper !

Update October 2019: There is a new whitepaper available with the title “HTML5 vs. Qt – Full Software Stacks in Comparision”. More information on our blog post here.