Object Relational Mapping with Qt

With the increase in the complexity and the amount of data stored in embedded systems, the need in its processing directly on the device increases as well. Modern HMIs should provide the device usage statistics like manufactured pieces, material, fuel or energy consumption, error storage, operating hours, and even personalization settings for multiple users. With the touch panels attached to the device, basic data analysis tools with filtering, sorting and grouping are a natural functional requirement to have, as well as the ability to import and export this data.


  • Automatically maps database tables to object-oriented classes
  • Automatic SQL statement generation
  • Predefined fetching strategies for related entities
  • Based on modern C++ and Qt – no legacy code
  • Integrated into Qt as seamlessly as possible. Just add QT += orm and CONFIG += c++17.
  • Open Source under LGPLv3


Custom Builds and Integrations

  • Contact us at , if you want to integrate Qt ORM in your (embedded Linux) Qt application!




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