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The operation of complex machinery according to industry 4.0 standards needs to be as user-friendly and simple as on an iPhone.

Together with SEQUALITY we developed a new user interface for touch displays based on several design prototypes, which should supersede the predecessor product in both usability and modern operations (swiping gestures, drag&drop, configuration). The outcome was very successful thanks to our effective collaboration based on partnership.

Together with SEQUALITY we created demanding components for our realtime system when developing a new product. The teamwork as well as the result of our collaboration completely satisfy our high demands with regard to quality.

SEQUALITY optimally implemented and supported the change of our usability concept to touch screens. The software that the team developed for us is meanwhile in use for the complete product line and it has turned out to be extremely user-friendly. Our end customers are delighted about the new operating system via touch display!

With the help of the automated software text for interfaces that are critical for our business desktops based on Java it was possible to discover important bugs prior to going live. Investing into the software test was rewarding, especially when considering that consequential damages - including a possible image damage and loss of customers - would have been considerably more expensive...

In light of the research project which we conducted together, I perceived Mr. Larndorfer as a competent and reliable partner. With his profound expertise mixed with creativity he created a range of valuable innovations. On a personal level I very much appreciated our collaboration.