Sequality 3D Camera Object Detection

for IFM 3D Cameras

The Sequality IFM 3D Camera Object detector enables you to configure and analyse the video stream of a digital time of flight 3D video camera. Currently the tool focuses on basic 3D object recognition and demonstrates how to efficiently visualize, analyse and configure an IFM 3D camera video data stream.


  • Connect, configure and monitor the video stream of your IFM 3D camera.
  • Change network configuration, range, spatial and time filter to obtain good quality 3D data streams.
  • Set your 3D region of interest with interactive live 3D-visualization of the point-cloud in real-time.
  • Detect single object specified by diameter within an adjustable 3D-detection zone
  • View the live video in 3D, zoom and rotate the scene
  • Powerful C++ API for custom object detection and custom application development.
  • Integration for QtQuick and QML using Qt3D and Point Cloud Library,  – Build your own integration in your Qt application with ease.


Custom Builds and Integrations

  • Contact us at , if you want to analyse custom objects or integrate 3D camera streams into your application.





  • Pre-built binary evaluation version for Linux-Desktop (Ubuntu 20.04), contact us at , for a download link and installation instructions.