Industry Applications

High-performance HMI solutions for machine operations with an intuitive usability like on a smartphone: Industry solutions by Sequality take advantage of the latest responsive web technologies or native Linux applications. We combine efficient technology and innovative design, when developing your industrial products.

HTML5 and Qt – a congenial match
HTML5 and Qt turn into congenial partners, when visualisations are done with web technologies and Qt Quick, while operating the respective machines on native code. In the area of industrial systems, such an approach becomes particularly relevant. The question of “How to remote control an embedded system via a smartphone?” is easily solved by taking advantage of such a technological mix. This way, an optimal and efficient architecture for your system is achieved. Read more…

Graphics in 2D and 3D – for an interactive and informative design
In line with the growing digitalisation, two- and three-dimensional information becomes increasingly important for production processes. By taking advantage of specific modelling and the usage of high-performance frameworks and tools, data in 2D and 3D is perfectly presented and managed. The use of 2D and 3D models increases the usability, as well as the user identification with the system. Read more…

OPC/UA – a standardised industrial communication
For systems based on Linux, several open and proprietary implementations of these standards are available. Their application is key for a platform-independent and service-oriented architecture. This type of architecture is very advantageous for establishing interconnected Industry 4.0 processes.

CAN-bus servers – platform-independent visualisation of CAN signals
Evaluate CAN-bus data locally and distribute it event-based via Ethernet throughout the wireless network. This way, CAN data is presented on mobile displays and made available to all users on a flexible basis. Contact us at  to test our reference implementation of a Linux-based CAN server for SAE J1939-based CAN-bus data.

Moving from SPS to embedded Linux
Augmented needs for higher end-product supplies as well as increasing demands for user-friendly operation systems can result in software solutions based on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu Desktop or integrated solutions with embedded Linux) being the better choice. Developing links to standardised and automatised solutions via XML or open data bases is possible and leads to better and more secure results when using an industrial application developed with a standard technology (such as C++).

Migration of legacy code
The software application lifecycle describes the fact that software has a limited operation time. After a certain timeframe has passed, it becomes subject to deterioration. Maintaining the code becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, new requirements are either not met or their implementation is only provisional and associated with high efforts and costs. A re-orientation of the software architecture is the inevitable next step. During this process, basic technologies often need to be re-evaluated and re-selected. Sequality is your competent partner, supporting you with the re-orientation and re-implementation of your software system.

Examples of Projects

Example: Bottling System
Technology: HTML5 frontend in Qt WebView browser + Qt backend
sequality bottling HTML5 am Industrie-Panel

Example: Rapperstorfer Automation
Technology: C++ Qt/QML
This software suite consists of a main touch screen application, desktop viewer/editor for CAD models and an automatised engine for background calculations. As such, the software covers the complete operational functions of the machine, which consists of a group of various industrial robots.

Example: Wasserbauer Butler
Technology: C++ Qt
This software enables big farmers to configure and monitor a feeding robot, which moves autonomously through the stable. In addition to the edition for embedded Linux, a version for Microsoft Windows was developed as well.

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Industry 4.0 with Sequality: High-performance software and complete connectivity for complex surroundings – easily and smoothly operable like on an iPhone.