Sequality IP Camera Configurator

for Orlaco, Mekra Lang and Ark Vision IP Camera ISO17215

The Sequality IP Camera Configurator enables you to configure, monitor and see the video stream of a digital video camera. Currently the tool focuses on support for ISO17215 based video cameras most commonly used in road vehicles (e.g. Orlaco EMOS Ethernet cameras). Beside the GUI application that can run on Windows, Linux or embedded Linux devices, there is also a powerful ISO17215-based API available that lets you integrate your digital camera stream into your application!


  • Connect, configure and monitor the video stream of your digital video stream.
  • Change network configuration of your digital camera.
  • Change resolution, video compression, video bitrate and FPS settings in the ROI-Configurator. (ROI = Preset)
  • GStreamer Pipeline Configuration for Multicast streaming.
  • Powerful C++ API for ISO17215 (Road vehicles — Video communication interface for cameras VCIC) functions. Use all features from the Sequality IP Camera Configuration user interface in your own application.
  • Integration for QtQuick and QML – Build your own integration in your Qt application with ease!
  • Yocto layer for ip camera configurator available


Custom Builds and Integrations

  • Contact us at , if you want to integrate your digital IP camera in your embedded Linux application!
  • Video Hardware acceleration for MJPEG and H264 video codecs available on many hardware platforms. We have done extensive tests on i.Mx6 and i.Mx8 modules and can provide you with an optimal gstreamer pipeline configuration for your hardware platform! Contact us at to receive more information!





  • Pre-built binary Version for Windows, Linux-Desktop and NXP i.Mx6 and i.Mx8!
  • Contact us at , if you want to have binaries for your target system!
  • More features and customized design available in a custom-built-version. Contact !
  • Update December 2020: Version 1.3.0 available for general usage (Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux, embedded Linux) with easy-to-use installer. Contact to obtain a demonstration and price information.
  • Update May 2022: Pre-built binary with Embedded-Linux Yocto version for Raspberry Pi 3 and RPi 4 available. Use the official Raspberry Pi touch hardware kit to obtain an easy-to-use Orlaco Camera Configurator and Viewer.


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    Win10 x64Ubuntu-Desktop x64Raspberry-Pi 4Raspberry-Pi 3i.Mx6i.Mx8