Cross Platform & HTML5

The development of all-in-one cross platform solutions has become increasingly important on embedded Linux boards, Windows desktops or Android tablets. The main requirement for innovative software is to perform outstandingly on different platforms, as well as in various software surroundings. To achieve such smooth and efficient results, one single source code is used as a basis. Benefit from implementing your regular business logics only once!

One single source code guarantees an optimal flexibility and performance on all desktop, mobile and embedded applications. Enjoy economic benefits by implementing an all-encompassing HMI solution. This way, Sequality cross platform applications facilitate your software development processes significantly.


Monitor and operate embedded Linux devices remotely: Monitor from a distance by operating your embedded Linux devices via an HTML5 app in your browser or via a native app on your smartphone. A comprehensive display of realtime data is guaranteed via standardized transmission protocols, such as WebSockets or MQTT.

Qt WebGL Streaming on embedded Linux Device

Qt WebGL Streaming vs HTML5 vs Qt@Android

Qt application monitored by a Qt Android app on an embedded Linux board via MQTT

Innovative & efficient together: As a service partner we rely on the technological expertise of Qt, WebSockets and HTML5 (Angular/React) when developing optimized cross platforms.

Smooth and intuitive all-in-one solutions: Sequality cross platforms provide outstanding user experiences!