Embedded Linux & Yocto

Embedded solutions with Linux. Linux has been operating commercially since 1992 and keeps being developed globally. Its open source code enables a quick removal of bugs, while giving a good overview on the functionality of separate programs and data bases at the same time.

Linux has been widely acknowledged as ideal operating system for modern embedded systems. Today, embedded software solutions are part of our daily lives: Watching television on our smart-TV, storing files on our NAS, purchasing tickets at the cinema or using an internet router at home are just a few examples for embedded linux systems as part of our daily agenda.

Systematic configuration via Yocto in embedded devices using Linux. Yocto is a cooperative project based on open source. It supplies templates, tools and methods to create customer-specific Linux systems for embedded products, while being completely independent of hardware architectures.

sequality software engineering provides support in the areas of embedded Linux and Yocto when developing applications for embedded Linux boards. We configure Linux systems such as startup, network, OpenVPN and software packages. In addition we develop exclusive software update mechanisms enabling remote maintenance and updates either via an open VPN network or via a USB flash drive. Do you have any questions with regard to the integration of Linux boards into your product? Would you like to know more on how to provide cross compiler development surroundings for desktops? Get in touch!

sequality software engineering is your specialist for embedded Linux and Yocto.