Visualisation of 2D and 3D Data

Positions, paths, 2D editors and objects in 3D: The increasing digitalisation brings about more two- and three-dimensional data visualization in software products. To optimally present and process data in 2D and 3D, appropriate modelling techniques as well as high-performing frameworks and tools are needed.

Smooth zooming, rotating and bending: Enjoy competitive advantages by implementing interaction patterns similar to the ones provided by online services such as Google Maps. Smooth zooming via multi-touch gestures, rotating interactive objects with two fingers, advanced interactions via the scrolling wheel of the mouse and helpful context menus facilitate a brilliant user experience for your end customers in complex 2D- and 3D-data surroundings.

More information about our 3D camera object detection solution see here


Integrate your 2D- and 3D-data into existing product software: efficient & innovative with Sequality!