Open Source for the Industry

Linux, Firefox and OpenOffice: It is widely acknowledged that open source software can provide high-quality solutions that master the most complex challenges.

Innovation via Open Source. One of the advantages with regard to open source products is the fact that they are usually facilitated by a large and innovative community. Benefit from the innovative forces of open source and stay on top of new market developments. Enjoy competitive advantages by implementing the latest open source solutions right into your business. Learn from innovative communities and take advantage of free software while being completely independent from other corporations and enterprises.

Supporting open source in different fields of expertise. sequality software engineering provides longterm knowledge and best practices in the area of open source – such as embedded Linux solutions. Do you have technical questions or need information on legal and safety-related matters? Sequality is your reliable partner for development of open source projects for industrial applications.

As independent experts for open source we strongly identify with the values of the  Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL).

Gain independence with open source solutions and enjoy competitive advantages by taking advantage of free software.