Animated UIs with OpenGL

In today's world, an intuitive and smooth operation of touch screens has become a necessity: The demand for swipe gestures and smooth scrolling combined with a clear design present lots of challenges for the development of modern user interfaces - which Sequality is ready to face!

Smooth effects and animations: Gentle transitions and smooth animations enhance design, usability and emotionality of a new system.

Development of sophisticated graphic effects without using up valuable CPU computing power: When outsourcing graphic calculations on the OpenGL entities of the graphic processor, valuable CPU performance is kept for business logics and data analyses only.

Economic Implementation by taking advantage of high-performing frameworks. C++/Qt, QML, HTML5 or JavaFX: Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, as far as both programming and the end user experience is concerned. Test different applications via our Hardware Demonstration Lab: Our one-to-one comparison of the same visual applications executed in different technologies provides you with a good overview on the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

HTML5 vs. Qt
Hardware: Raspberry PI 3
Software: Raspbian, Sequality SETOUCH framework QML / HTML5 on Chromium


Smoothly animated user interactions turn the operation of your product into an outstanding user experience.