Project Example Feeding Robot

Wasserbauer is an Austrian company, being both pioneer and market leader with regard to feeding robots for the agricultural industry.

To modernise the operation of their current range of products, sequality and Wasserbauer completely revised the concepts of the already existing solutions. A new software for the feeding robot was developed. It includes an innovative user interface, supporting a logical and intuitive operation in appealing state-of-the-art design. Today, sequality’s touch display framework┬ásolution is implemented in all new Wasserbauer products.

Project Details
Instead of matrix displays which were previously implemented into the feeding robot, sequality developed a new software with ergonomic tablet-style touch screens. Based on intuitive operation processes, the new technology guarantees an excellent overview on all information relevant for feeding livestock.


  • C++ / Qt
  • Embedded Linux, Windows desktop
  • Embedded data base
  • CANopen
  • CAN-Bus to Ethernet converter (TCP/IP)
  • Yocto build system for embedded Linux on USB flash drive
  • USB flash drive for updates of software applications
  • OpenVPN integration for remote surveillance and maintenance


Project Features
In addition to the touch display software, sequality developed and adjusted a range of background processes (business logics engine, CAN communication process…). Furthermore, we provided customer-specific Yocto layers for Wasserbauer’s product-specific hardware.