Embedded GPU Benchmark Tool

GPU performance of embedded SOCs like NXP i.Mx6 or i.Mx8 is very important in modern applications. But only little GPU performance figures are known for these integrated embedded systems. To address this issue, the Sequality Embedded GPU Benchmark Tool was created that allows you to measure various aspects of the GPU.

Benchmark Steps
In contrast to many synthetic benchmarks, the Sequality Embedded GPU benchmark tries to incorporate typical requirements from automotive or industry software in the benchmark. This is the reason why the first 3 steps are based on the Sequality Automotive UX demo application that we also used to perform our first benchmark-tests in 2020. The benchmark steps are:

  • 1 – 2D Optimized Cockpit: The optimized version of the Sequality Automotive UX software is executed and analysed. Only the instrument-cluster part was taken for this part
  • 2 – 2D Cockpit Multiple Images: A special version of the instrument cluster with multiple bigger PNG images that have big transparent areas is used. This step was intruduced as we noticed, that some SoCs (like i.Mx6 ) had big frame drops if you load multiple bigger PNG  images.
  • 3 – 2D Cockpit Animated: The tacho needles are additionally animated in this step.
  • 4 – 3D Model: 3D models are loaded and animated.
  • 5 – 2D Kinetic Scrolling: Lists of various sizes are loaded and a kinetic-scrolling gesture is simulated.

Benchmark Results
The result of the benchmark is presented at the end of the fully automated benchmark-run: There is one overall score that is computed based on the maximum number of frames that ideally are generated (60 FPS * duration of benchmark in seconds). Each benchmark step is presented with a benchmark score as well. Additionally, you get the following graphical statistics that can be related to each individual benchmark step:

  • CPU Temperature
  • Frames per Second
  • CPU Usage  [%]
  • Free memory [MB]
  • Frame Time [ms]
  • Render Time [µs]
  • Sync Time [µs]

Teaser Video
The following video gives you an impression of the execution of the benchmark on embedded hardware:

Here are the results of NXP i.Mx6, i.Mx8 and the Lenovo P53 when running the FullHD benchmark:


If you want to execute the benchmark on your hardware setup, feel free to contact us: