Sequality @ Embedded World 2020

Embedded Linux systems of all ranges from small to big: This year, sequality presents different Qt demos based on embedded Linux, which cover a very wide range of performance. We present various solutions ranging from "ultra small" to "big and powerful" based on NXP i.Mx6UL and i.Mx8, as well as on Intel-based hardware.

  • Ultra small: Qt applications based on a standard embedded Linux system can also be executed on a very small cost-effective hardware: A i.Mx6UL (UltraLite) processor featuring a small 4 inch screen renders a Qt Quick application with a pure software renderer (no OpenGL). It handles the small screen surprisingly well. The small board is a prototype of a very efficient and cost-sensitive application, which can also run headless. Combine it with cloud technology a a HTML5 software stack on the device in order to control local hardware and provide local, real-time data analysis. Furthermore, we are ready to discuss the latest Qt-for-Microcontroller approach and compare both solutions to help identify your perfect match.
  • Small: We will bring along a prototype software for a medical device using an i.Mx6 Solo with integrated GPU for smooth interactions on a small 7 inch screen. This demo shows that a de facto real-time update in a remote HTML5 application can be achieved thanks to a powerful Qt-based „middleware“ on the embedded Linux device. You can operate a small color LED with your smartphone via an ad-hoc direct WLAN connection, which is linked to the device.
  • Medium: Our famous bottling demo runs on a dual-core i.Mx6. In addition to the Qt Software stack, a HTML5 application using Angular is running in the background, which uses a small, efficient node server on the embedded Linux board. Is HTML5 vs. Qt still a question that needs to be solved with regard to your projects? Have a look at sequality’s live demo to find out more.
  • Big: The Sequality Automotive UX is a dual-screen automotive software suite using state-of-the-art graphics and 3D renders in full HD. We currently run this demo on a small Intel i3 with integrated graphics and compare its GPU performance to the most powerful i.Mx6 Quad and i.Mx8 processors. The Sequality Automotive UX is built on core Qt modules. During its developement process, neither Qt Design nor 3D Studio was used to implement the graphics. This resulted in a unique way how to interact with UX designers and professional 2D design tools. In this respect, we look forward to sharing our hands-on experiences with you! In addition, we are ready to provide information on how we incorporated the results into the final sequality Automotive UX demonstration.

From ultra small to big and powerful: Embedded Linux based solutions with Qt by sequality software engineering
From ultra small to big and powerful: Solutions with Qt based on embedded Linux by sequality software engineering

Date and Location
Messezentrum Nürnberg
D-90471 Nürnberg

The Location of our booth in hall 4
Sequality’s booth is located right in the middle of hall 4, where we share booth no. 4-258 together with all Qt partners.
Find us by heading for the big, green Qt logo:

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We look forward to discussing your ideas at our booth!

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