Embedded World Stories

This year's Embedded World fair in Nuremberg took place from February 27 through March 1 and was yet another successful event for sequality software engineering. Read more about our impressions of the fair in the following blog post. Our view is rather selective of course and it is backed up by our experience and technical background. As such, it may be exactly what makes it an interesting read for you though.

Our focus was mainly on the exhibition halls „Halle 4“ and „Halle 4A“, where the majority of vendors for software services and embedded Linux-based electronics had their booths. The sequality booth was centrally located at „Halle 4“: As such, it offered us a very good overview on the events and happenings. The following impressions and observations were made by sequality team at the 2018 Embedded World fair in Nuremberg:

  • The automotive sector was again presented quite well this year: Virtual cockpit test environments and other electronics related to virtual cockpit displays, as well as virtual cockpit software stacks were exhibited across various locations. The very center of the hall formed the booth of The Qt Company, which featured different demos on automotive computing.
  • We closely observed various competing technologies, which promise to be a perfect match for implementing visualizations in the automotive area. On display were OpenGL Software stacks either generating OpenGL codes or offering sophisticated „drag-and-drop editors“ that directly generate a binary code for various embedded hardware platforms. It seems that these software stacks still outdo conventional C++ software solutions, especially in relation to safety aspects. We will remain curious about future developments.
  • Microsoft? Windows Embedded? Interestingly we did not come across even a single Windows Embedded demo at the fair. This was quite different 2-3 years ago, when Windows Embedded was still on display on demo hardware throughout the exhibition halls.
  • EPaper Displays: A lot of developments are happening in this field. From our point of view, it could be exactly this technology leading to new innovations, which could impact our everyday lives in the future.
  • In general, we did not have the impression that there was „one big new development“ presented at the fair this year. A few years ago, the hot topics were „IOT“, „Industry 4.0“ or „i.Mx6“. These were discussed and observed all over the place at previous fairs. This year, no new big „hype“ or buzz-word was promoted.

On the second day of the fair, sequality again received a wide attention due to our demo comparison „JavaFX vs. Qt“. A short video on our demo was filmed and hosted by the Qt Studios.

Video on sequality’s demo „JavaFX vs. Qt“ presented by the Qt Studios:

Sequaliy booth and demo line-up:

For further videos of our demos presented at the Embedded World fair have a look at the following blog post.

There were busy times at the sequality booth throughout the event. It felt as time was almost too short to answer all the questions by the interested audience and visitors! In the following picture you can see our team member Dmitriy at work, explaining the sequality bottling demo running on embedded Linux hardware:

Thank you for visiting sequality at the Embedded World 2018! See you again next year!