Project Example Iron Welding Machine

Rapperstorfer Automation is an Upper Austrian start-up, aiming at welding iron baskets for prefabricated houses completely automatically. Based on CAD data, several industrial robots produce separate iron boards which are automatically welded into complete solutions.

Throughout this project sequality software engineering developed a touch panel software for the welding machine, as well as a 2D-editor software for producing the iron baskets. Possible advantages for end consumers are iron basket solutions tailored to customers’ needs, which are delivered to the construction sites for immediate concreting. Due to statistically exact calculations less iron poles are used, which reduces both weight and costs for end customers while increasing stability at the same time.

Project Details
To optimally operate the machine – especially when planning production processes – a touch panel software was developed. The software enables its users to monitor the status of the production process, to get an overview on defect reports and to plan the logistics of production in advance. To visualise, adjust, change and edit CAD data for production, a 2D-editor was created.


  • C++ / QML
  • MariaDB data base
  • Communication via SPS
  • Smooth zooming, multi-touch solutions
  • Embedded in Windows and Android devices, as well as in the welding machine (22-inch touch screen)

Project Features
The development and implementation of the software was accomplished in close cooperation with the company’s technicians: Throughout several workshops, sequality and Rapperstorfer Automation developed the user interface concept for the touch panel software together. The 2D-editor runs on several platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) and is completely integrated into the touch panel software.