Sequality HTML5 Embedded System Monitor

Monitor and Configure your embedded Linux Device with a responsive HTML5 and Qt App

The Sequality HTML5 Embedded System Monitor can monitor all important performance-critical embedded Linux values in real-time! Just install the Sequality HTML5 Embedded System Monitor on your target embedded Linux device and monitor all values via your desktop or smartphone web-browser!


  • System-Information: Visualization of CPU, memory, CAN bus, network and disk-space of your embedded device. Nice and tidy, all in one place!
  • QR-code-connect: Connect to your embedded device directly with WIFI – just scan the QR-Code generated and get access to the web app.
  • Network management: Remotely configure your network interfaces on your embedded Linux device – static or dynamic IP, wireless network scans, wireless network password, OpenVPN configuration – with a user friendly graphical interface in your browser.
  • CAN-Bus: See which CAN messages come in at real time and do CAN bus message analysis – see cycle times and complete can log!
  • Web-Console for root-access to your embedded device within the browser-app.
  • Remote-View: You are running a GUI application on your device and want to monitor the contents of your screen? No problem – get a remote view of the display within the browser app.
  • Demonstrate all native features of your embedded Linux Device with a native Qt app. Real-time propagation to all HTML5 or Qt-native clients!

Custom Builds and Integrations

  • Contact us at , if you want to run the Sequality Embedded System Manager on your embedded Linux device!
  • Sequality Embedded System Manager is designed as a white-label product: We can adapt the design theme for seamless integration in your corporate identity.




  • Pre-built binary for Raspberry-PI 3 based on Yocto and NetworkManagerQt!
  • Contact us at , if you want to have binaries for your target system!
  • More features and customized design available in a custom-built-version. Contact !
  • Version 1.0 available September 2021 for Ginzinger i.Mx6 Gelin 21.04 and Raspberry-PI-3 Yocto Linux.


More Details

  • This application uses the sequality HTML5 & Qt architecture discussed in our HTML5 vs Qt videos and whitepaper.
  • The backend running on the embedded linux device uses a lightweight C++ Qt applicaton that sends JSON messages to the subscribed clients.
  • The HTML5 application using Angular is served by a web server running on the embedded Linux device. Optionally we can use a QtWebView to also display the HTML5 application full-screen on the embedded device (see screenshots above). See here for further video comparisions of different approaches.
  • Network-Configuration features were implemented using linux network-manager and NetworkManagerQt. This provides a good interface for WIFI connection handling, security handling and authentication (e.g. EAP).