Sequality @ IVT Expo

Join Sequality CEO Stefan Larndorfer at the IVT Expo Virtual 'Live' in September 2021 to discuss the latest trends on user experience with embedded Linux on cabin displays.


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From Concept to Product

We are experts in building completely new applications based on excellent usability and design from scratch. Wireframe sketches, concepts, software prototypes: sequality software engineering is yo...


IOT Systems in the Cloud

Remote maintenance, sensor data evaluation or the implementation of dashboards and apps for embedded systems: Moving IOT systems safely and efficiently into the cloud is the prerequisite for seaml...


Visualisation of 2D and 3D Data

Positions, paths, 2D editors and objects in 3D: The increasing digitalisation brings about more two- and three-dimensional data visualization in software products. To optimally present and process...



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